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Commercial Cleaning Cardiff

If you're looking for a great commercial cleaning company that can take care of your commercial cleaning in Cardiff and South Wales, we would like to help.

We are a long established company that has a proven track record of delivering great results time after time. By choosing Cardiff Office Cleaning we will provide all the required equipment and chemicals to clean your office. 

As your workplace is a commercial environment you must by law have Safety Data sheets for virtually all chemicals on site, this includes everything from the soap in your washrooms to the washing up liquid in your canteen. We can take care of all that paperwork for you, ensuring your company is fully compliant. We can also supply you with all your consumable products at prices we are certain will be cheaper than you are presently paying. You can order your consumables online with us 24/7 and we will deliver it to you. The added bonus is that there is a full paper trail for you and your goods will simply be added to your regular invoice at the end of the month.

We understand that changing your cleaning contractor can seem like a bit of a pain and for that reason some people choose to just put up with the poor cleaning standards because they are simply too busy to change. No need for that any longer! We can promise you that changing to Cardiff Office Cleaning will be a very smooth and painless transition as we will do all the donkey work for the changeover. With the exception of seeing the improvement in cleaning standards you will hardly notice there has been a change at all So don't put it off any longer send us a brief message with your requirements and we will take it from there. We look forward to hearing from you.


Cardiff Office Cleaning

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