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Cardiff Office Cleaning

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Serving Cardiff and South Wales


Cardiff Office Cleaning is a family owned and run cleaning business based in Cardiff. We have been providing all types of cleaning for over 15 years.

We strive for excellence and are always looking to see if we can provide our first class cleaning service even more efficiently so you the customer get a great value for money cleaning service.

We can provide you with a free no obligation quote from plan if you're a new build or we can provide a quote from a brief site visit. Choosing a site visit is always preferable as we can get a bit of a feel as to what you as our customer actually wants. 

A site visit will typically take around 30 minutes and is completely free without any obligation. We will take some notes along with getting feedback from you, then go away and put together a cleaning schedule along with a quote for you. We aim to provide your quote the next working day.

If you are happy to proceed we will put together all the paperwork and take care of everything in order to ensure a smooth transition to Cardiff Office Cleaning. You wont have to do anything as we will handle everything for you including ensuring the correct chemicals and equipment are available which will be included in our quoted price to you.

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